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Virtual Assistant

We are looking for an agency coordinator ( to provide a range of administrative and marketing support.

Friendly, upbeat culture with a lot of room to grow. We are open to candidates with an administrative background or candidates new to marketing and looking to grow.

Pay: $14.00 - $20.00 per hour


Customer Support Specialist

Every WealthCounsel employee is focused on improving the member journey for thousands of our members. Our Member Success Specialists ensure long-term retention of our members maximizing their satisfaction of, and loyalty to WealthCounsel and minimizing customer churn. The Member Success Specialist may rotate between various roles in the Member Services department including new member onboarding, inbound concierge (queue) support, maintaining a relationship with each assigned member firm, and subscription renewal. This role is part of the Member Services team but, at times, is a liaison between multiple departments including Sales, Finance, Practice Success, Community/Events, Marketing, Editorial, and Learning.

**Virtual Employment opportunities are open for hire in any state except Alaska, California and Hawaii.

Executive Assistant

This position is responsible for executive-level administration and coordination of activities for designated Executive team member(s). In addition, this role provides assigned administration and coordination of activities for critical business partners, advisory groups, committees, customers, and other external organizations and associations. This position can be remote (US) or hybrid.

Electrical Engineering specialist at Hawk Research company

Hawk Research is looking for Electrical Engineering expert to provide assistance on our projects in academic research sphere. We are building a knowledge sharing platform to help people during their studies, so they can improve their level in mentioned disciplines.
We strive to help our clients facilitate learning and improve their performance through modern technology and knowledge-sharing services. We are looking for self-organized experts with specialization in Electrical Engineering who can help solve tasks in this field for our customers.
You can check our webpage for more details.
Compensation varies between $30 and up to $120 USD per hour and task (depending on the complexity of the task)


Job Responsibilities

Fulfilling various small projects and tasks related to Electrical Engineering, Electronics Design, Electric Power System desig

Requirements / Qualifications (one of the mentioned or few):

Electrical CAD Drafting/Designing
Analog IC Design Engineering
Signal Processing Engineering
Electronics Design Engineering

Benefits/What We offer

  • Flexible schedule
  • Fully remote job
  • Ability to combine this job with your main job or other projects

How to apply

Just write directly to our application manager via with your attached CV and reference to this job post and this website (GoRemotely)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual assistant? 

Virtual assistants are independent contractors and remote workers who perform administrative jobs and tasks for clients while working away from the client’s office. They perform similar tasks to traditional office assistants, but from a remote location. Daily activities and duties may include managing contact lists, preparing office reports, scheduling appointments, answering calls and emails, handling customers inquiries, optimizing websites, content writing and editing, and many other tasks depending on each employer’s characteristics and criteria.

How do I become a virtual assistant?

There are a few steps involved in becoming a virtual assistant. For better chances of success, you’ll need a certificate or degree in whatever field of service you’ll be offering, although it’s not a necessity. Then, all you need is a fast internet connection, a business model, and some clients. Finding your first few clients can be difficult, but if you don’t know anyone looking for a VA, freelancing websites are always littered with potential clients. 

What skills do you need to become a virtual assistant?

In today’s modern way of life, the rating of a business or an individual’s qualities plays a vital role in their success. For this reason, there are certain skills and requirements every VA must have to get good reviews from clients. Some core skills include computer skills, communication, reliability, and time-management. Other required skills include teamwork, resourcefulness, proactivity, and a certain level of independence. You’ll also need certain professional skills like copywriting, WordPress, and graphic designing depending on the niche you offer. 

How do I find VA jobs?

Once you’re set up as a VA, finding your first client and your first steady stream of jobs is often the most tasking part of the entire VA process. However, there are a few steps you can take to boost your chances of finding your first client: 

  • Enquire about job openings from your network or friends.
  • Apply to a company that offers virtual assistant positions.
  • List yourself on a freelancing website.
  • Take a paid VA training course, most help their graduates find jobs upon the completion of their training services.
  • Create a website and advertise your services.

How do I apply for a virtual assistant job?

Once you’re able to find a client, convincing them you’re the right VA for the job is a totally different ball game. While applying for a VA job, the key is to convince your potential client you know your stuff. Your cover letter should tell them all the reasons why they should pick you; credentials, prior experience, certificates, recommendations, and everything else. Next, you need to highlight your personal skills like communication, organization, and reliability. Attach a portfolio of your previous work samples and you should give yourself extremely high odds of getting hired. 

How much money can you make as a virtual assistant?

As a VA, there really is no income limit. A successful VA business can earn exorbitant amounts of money, similar to traditional jobs so there isn’t a set income or salary cap. However, research has shown that the average successful VA business earns about $73,000 per annum. That number drops to approximately $57,000 per year for average income VAs and $28,000 per year for low-income VA businesses. Therefore, if you’ve been wondering whether virtual assistant jobs pay well, then rest assured, you’d receive hefty paychecks in this line of work.