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18 Mar → 17 Apr

Ahmed Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad

About Company

In Amazon ecommerce, I can help you to grow your business by implementing the following strategies: 1. Optimize your product listings: I can ensure your product listings are optimized to maximize visibility, increase search rankings and drive sales. This includes optimizing titles, descriptions, keywords, images, reviews, and more. 2. Create effective advertising campaigns: I can create effective advertising campaigns on Amazon and other channels to drive targeted traffic to your listings. This includes researching and selecting appropriate keywords, setting up campaigns, adjusting bids, and tracking performance. 3. Analyze and optimize pricing: I can analyze and optimize your prices to ensure you are competitive in the market and maximizing your profits. 4. Improve customer experience: I can work on improving your customer experience to increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases. This includes providing excellent customer service, handling customer complaints, and streamlining your fulfillment processes. 5. Leverage social media: I can help you use social media to grow your business by creating engaging content, building relationships with customers, and driving traffic to your listings. 6. Track performance: Finally, I can track the performance of your business and identify areas for improvement. This includes
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Job Description

I am an experienced ecommerce professional with a strong track record of success in the Amazon marketplace. I have a deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace and the tools and strategies needed to be successful. My expertise includes optimizing product listings, managing campaigns, and driving sales growth. I have also developed a strong understanding of Amazon policies and procedures, which has enabled me to identify opportunities for success and quickly resolve issues. I am well-versed in Amazon analytics and reporting, and I am adept at leveraging Amazon’s data to make informed decisions. Additionally, I am highly organized and detail-oriented, which has enabled me to manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously. With my experience and skills, I am confident that I can be a valuable asset to any Amazon ecommerce team.

Job Responsibilities

  • Analysis of Market & Product, Optimization and PPC

Requirements / Qualifications

  • Listing Optimization
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • Deep Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Strategist

Benefits/What We offer

  • I've good experience that how to grow and make conversion

How To Apply

I can apply through your website and you can take my test that so you'll be sure that i'm perfect for this company

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