Lots of things have changed in our daily lives in this increasingly internet-reliant age; work in particular. Today, remote marketers are just one of many industry branches that have benefited from said changes and greatly so.

Yet, first of all, let’s explain remote marketing jobs in more depth.

Remote marketers are a unique set of workers who specialize in marketing, business promotion, and product sales. Unlike the regular staff in the marketing department, remote marketers are virtual staff working from a remote location, helping clients promote their business while they focus on other administrative tasks.

Being a remote marketer has its own requirements for entry-level jobs, intermediate, and veterans. If you’re looking for a job in remote marketing, this guide will help you better understand the requirements of the field and hopefully help you make a better decision.

Let’s dive right in.



Key Responsibilities

Remote Requirements

Average Hourly Pay

  1. Marketing Director
  • Supervise marketing department 
  • Allocate marketing budget 
  • Organize meetings with sponsors and partners 
  • Create marketing strategies
  • Prepare virtual marketing jobs (tasks) for junior marketers
  • High-speed internet
  • Time-management skills
  • Availability via chat, phone, email
  • Availability in regular business hours
  • Access to print, fax machine


  1. Marketing Manager
  • Implement the marketing director’s ideas 
  • Cooperating with the sales team to drive sales  
  • Evaluating marketing campaigns and reporting to the director
  • Supervising and overseeing a marketing team on a particular project
  • Fast internet connection
  • Availability via chat, phone, and email
  • Access to data entry software 
  • Access to print and fax machine 


  1. Product Marketing Manager
  • Study the market and competition
  • Advertise products and handle PR
  • Set pricing for products 
  • Study customer demands 
  • High-quality internet speed 
  • Available via chat, phone, and email 
  • Availability During regular working hours 
  • Access to print and fax machine 


  1. Sales Marketing Coordinator
  • Coordinate sales team
  • Evaluate sales performance 
  • Communicate with customers 
  • Monitor inventory 
  • Quality internet speed 
  • Availability via chat, phone, and email 
  • Access to social media and customer feeds 
  • Access to inventory and data entry software 
  • Access to print and fax machine 


  1. Promotions Specialist
  • Primarily content marketing jobs for remote specialists and experienced copywriters
  • Planning promotional and advertising campaigns
  • Study product performance on the market
  • Plan social media promos
  • Negotiate advertising contracts 
  • Good internet connection
  • Availability via chat, email, and phone 
  • Availability during working hours 
  • Access to print and fax machine 


  1. Partner Marketing Manager
  • Creating joint marketing campaigns with partners 
  • Study market trends, competitors and customer needs 
  • Scout for new marketing partners 
  • Organize joint events among partners
  • Fast internet connection
  • Availability via chat and email 
  • Availability during working hours 
  • Active on social media platforms 
  • Access to print and fax machine 


  1. Virtual Marketing Assistant
  • Help maximize your employer’s marketing campaigns 
  • Take on minor remote marketing assistant jobs (tasks) 
  • Create content new marketing ideas 
  • Conduct market research
  • Quality internet connection
  • Time management skills  
  • Availability via chat, email, and phone
  • Availability to take on minor tasks outside working hours 
  • Access to data entry software 
  • Access to print and fax machine 


  1. Event Marketing Specialist
  • Research hotspots where potential customers might be 
  • Organize the marketing effort 
  • Assess the performance of marketing campaigns and make adjustments for future efforts 

  • Good internet connection
  • Availability via chat, phone, and email
  • Access to social media platforms 
  • Access to web communication software like Skype and Webinar 
  • Access to print and fax machine 


  1. Performance Marketing Manager
  • Spearhead campaigns to ensure targets are met 
  • Optimize marketing efforts and activities
  • Collaborate and supervise marketing team 
  • Optimize and regulate marketing budgets 

  • Quality internet connection 
  • Availability via chat, email, and phone 
  • Time management skills 
  • Availability during working hours 
  • Access to print and fax machine 



1. Marketing Director 


Remote marketing directors are independent contract workers responsible for providing guidance, leadership, and expertise to a company’s marketing department. Since these marketing jobs have a remote way of operating, marketing directors are usually required to manage the marketing department of a company, product, franchise, or business, all from a remote location, as well as handling communication strategies and branding.

General Responsibilities 

  • Oversee and supervise a marketing team or department 
  • Prepare annual marketing strategies 
  • Adjust marketing plans to fit the latest customer trends and behavioral patterns 
  • Meet and negotiate with marketing partners, vendors, and sponsors 
  • Allocate marketing budgets and finance of the marketing department 
  • Manage event calendars such as webinars, conferences, and marketing meetings 
  • Oversee company branding and PR

The qualities needed for these types of marketing director jobs that require remote handling are the following:

Key Skills and Competencies 

  • Advanced computer skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Prior experience with administration and leadership
  • In-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and social media 
  • Data analysis
  • Master’s degree in business marketing, communications, or related field 

2. Marketing Manager 


A marketing manager’s job is often mistaken for that of a marketing director. However, despite both of them being senior types of jobs, they are still rather different. 

A marketing manager works on a much smaller scale to their counterpart, focusing primarily on one marketing at a time compared to a director who oversees the entire marketing department and numerous projects. In most cases, the marketing manager is, in fact, a subordinate and answers to the director.

Remote marketing jobs entry level are also available and are less manager-focused. 

General Responsibilities 

  • Implement and report on marketing initiatives
  • Coordinate marketing strategies to drive sales on a product
  • Implement the marketing director’s ideas and instructions during a marketing campaign 
  • Testing and assessing finished products before presenting them to the director 
  • Evaluating marketing campaigns and writing reports 
  • Troubleshooting underperforming marketing campaigns 
  • Supervising junior employees of the marketing department 

Key Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • Good computer skills 
  • Strong knowledge of sales and marketing techniques 
  • Expert knowledge of marketing trends and multimedia platforms 
  • Teamwork and leadership skills 
  • Bachelor’s degree in business marketing or related fields

3. Product Marketing Manager 


These types of remote marketing manager jobs are a vital part of every marketing team. Unlike general marketing managers and directors, a product marketing manager’s work begins once the product is finished and ready to sell. They are responsible for getting the public aware and interested in a product, thereby starting the process of getting a product from the factory to the outside world. Being a market expert, their job is to find the best ways to ensure a product performs well in sales and customer reviews, making these remote marketing jobs quite challenging. 

General Responsibilities 

  • Research the market and study competition 
  • Work on product branding to give them a unique selling point in the market 
  • Study customer trends and demands 
  • Work with sales team and marketing department to ensure the product fulfills its potential 
  • Speak to the press and PR teams about launch and updates to products 
  • Use market research information to establish product pricing. 
  •  Agree on deadlines and timeframes for the development of new products 

Key Skills and Competencies 


  • Excellent computer skills


  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Teamwork 
  • In-depth knowledge of the market and competition 
  • Research skills 
  • Prior experience with basic online marketing jobs might help
  • Bachelor’s degree in business marketing or related fields 

4. Sales Marketing Coordinator 


A sales marketing coordinator is a vital part of every sales team. His job begins when the product is fully marketed and ready to be shipped to customers through wholesale or retail. The main job of a sales marketing coordinator is overseeing the sales team and ensuring they meet their sales targets and objectives. You’ll be working under the supervision of a sales manager and the success of your job will largely depend on the efficiency of the marketing team in getting the public interested in your product.

These types of freelance marketing jobs require a very specific skill set. Let’s take a look at their responsibilities, as well as which qualities are needed for candidates to possess:

General Responsibilities

  • Coordinate sales team to maximize market performance 
  • Act as a link between the sales and marketing team 
  • Evaluating sales performance and reporting to the sales manager 
  • Take complaints and inquiries from high priority customers 
  • Inform high priority clients of delays or updates to product delivery 
  • Monitor inventory and market supply of product 

Key Skills and Competencies 

  • Prior experience in a remote sales job or remote marketing internship will help further your prospects 
  • Good computer skills 
  • Excellent oral communication 
  • Good leadership skills
  • An aptitude in problem-solving 
  • Teamwork 
  • BSc/BA in business administration or relevant field 

5. Promotions Specialist 


A company’s product is on the market and is selling successfully, good profits and good reviews. How do you make it sell even more? Enter promotions specialist. 

Promotions specialists are responsible for planning and managing promo campaigns to promote their company’s product and further boost sales on the market. The main benefit of promos is boosting short-term sales; companies can choose to run promo campaigns while the product is still performing well in the market or when sales are declining, this covers all promo techniques like newspaper and magazine publications, radio promos, free gifts, and discounts.

The main idea behind these remote marketing communications jobs is to promote products or services to potential customers in a variety of ways.

General Responsibilities 

  • Plan advertising campaigns such as radio ads, print media ads, and publications, billboards, digital media ads, etc.
  • Remote planning of promotional campaigns such as coupons, giveaways, contests, etc.
  • Monitor and study product performance on the market 
  • Oversee social media and website promotions 
  • Negotiate advertising contracts 
  • Analyze and research post-promo performance of the product for future promo opportunities and ideas 

Key Skills and Competencies 

  • Good computer skills 
  • Oral communication skills and eloquence 
  • Teamwork 
  • Creativity 
  • Good data analysis and research skills 
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field is required 

6. Partner Marketing Manager 


As far as fully remote marketing jobs go, partner marketing managers are as unique as they get. Their job is to cultivate, build, and maintain marketing relationships between two or more business partners while developing strategies to help increase revenue, sales, and overall product performance in the market. They are usually employed by firms or companies with a joint marketing interest or a firm looking for marketing partners. 

General Responsibilities

  • Work with partners to create joint marketing campaigns
  • Study market trends, competitors, and customer behavior 
  • Act as a communication link between partners 
  • Plan and support partner events like meetings, get-togethers, fundraisers, etc.
  • Look for and scout potential marketing partners 
  • Keep reports and copies of partner activities, initiative,  and changes that may affect the partnership 
  • Liaise with partners to solve issues and create chemistry/synergy between the companies

Below is a list of which remote marketing manager jobs qualities you need to own:

Key Skills and Competencies 

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills are mandatory
  • Good computer skills
  • Good with data entry and research 
  • In-depth knowledge of business marketing 
  • Ability to work with a team 
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field 

7. Virtual Marketing Assistant 


A virtual marketing assistant is a remote worker who helps a company or entrepreneur with their marketing tasks. Marketing VAs offer employees flexibility and a great way to outsource minor tasks while focusing fully on core marketing activities. A VMA can be hired by a company, an entrepreneur, a marketing department, or even an individual working in the marketing department with the major aim being assistance in handling marketing tasks. Remote email marketing jobs and social media marketing jobs are two popular VMA jobs you can find. 

General Responsibilities 

  • Help maximize your employer’s marketing strategy
  • Take on minor or extra marketing tasks 
  • Create content and bring new marketing ideas to the table
  • Conduct market research to keep up to date with customer needs, market trends, and competition 
  • Manage employer’s calendars, schedule meetings, etc.

Key Skills and Competencies 

  • Must have good computer skills 
  • Good oral and written communication skills 
  • Must be attentive and able to follow instructions 
  • SEO
  • Knowledge of digital and Email marketing 
  • Prior experience with remote marketing assistant jobs 
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field may be required depending on the employee 

8. Event Marketing Specialist 


An event marketing specialist’s job is taking marketing out of the office and into the streets, enabling businesses to have direct contact with potential customers and demonstrate the usefulness of their product. 

Have you ever seen a company set up a booth advertising their products at a sports event or concert? That’s the work of an event marketing specialist; they may also work at trade fairs, protests, supermarkets, or any place with a gathering of potential customers.

One of the best things about event specialists is that their services won’t be required throughout the year, making them perfect part-time or temporary remote marketing jobs.

The event specialist plans these marketing efforts, setting up marketing booths at various events throughout the year, and allowing the company to develop one-on-one relationships with consumers.

General Responsibilities 

  • Research hotspots like events and fairs where potential customers might be 
  • Organize/plan the marketing effort including where the booth would be set up and how to advertise the product 
  • Being a remote worker, you may not be on the ground, but sometimes you may be required to show up and interact with customers 
  • Assess the performance of marketing campaigns and make adjustments for future efforts 

Take a look at the requirements needed to work in one of these temporary remote marketing jobs:

Key Skills and Competencies 

  • Good computer skills 
  • Excellent oral communication skills 
  • Teamwork and organization 
  • Extensive experience in planning and organizing events 
  • Sound knowledge of event marketing and management 
  • Familiar with social media platforms
  • Proficient with web communication and conferencing apps like Webinar, Skype, and Adobe Connect 

9. Performance Marketing Manager 


Performance marketing is a unique type of advertising that has been sweeping the business scene in recent years. Also called “pay for performance advertising,” this remote digital marketing job is a form of marketing where the company or purchaser hires an affiliate to help market a product and only pays once a certain marketing target has been reached. 

Their job is to ensure this target is reached and the marketing effort is a success. They are mainly in charge of digital accounts, overseeing a performance marketing team, and ensuring that all performance marketing projects are running smoothly. 

General Responsibilities 

  • Spearhead campaigns from planning to execution to ensure targets are met 
  • Optimize marketing efforts and activities to maximize returns and results 
  • Collaborate and supervise with the marketing team 
  • Optimize and regulate marketing budgets 

Perhaps one of the tougher freelance remote marketing jobs, they also entail having a pretty impressive skill set:

Key Skills 

  • Good computer skills 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • A knack for problem-solving 
  • Teamwork and leadership skills 
  • In-depth knowledge of performance marketing 
  • Prior experience in remote marketing 
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field

Remote Marketer as a Profession

When it comes to remote jobs, they are one of the fastest growing virtual job categories around. Not so long ago, remote work was considered a customer service position with minimum or below minimum wage. Freelance marketing jobs today have changed, as the business scene became more and more adjusted to modern technology and its benefits. Remote marketing has now become a full-time career and remote marketers have become much more common and are now a vital part of marketing departments in a lot of the world’s leading companies. 

A major benefit of remote marketing is that you can be hired by a company or business anywhere in the world. You could be in the US and apply to work for UK companies or you could be from Africa and work remote marketing jobs in Europe. While a lot of companies still hire traditional and on-site marketers, statistics and trends indicate that remote marketing could be the future.

Best Communication Softwares for Remote Workers

Consistent and effective communication is the only way a remote job can be successful as being a virtual worker requires you constantly share and receive info from your colleagues and employees. 

1. Slack 

Slack is all about teamwork regardless of where you work, be it in the US or in one of the many remote marketing jobs in the UK. It’s a messaging remote work tool that allows businesses and teammates to communicate and share information, thereby allowing them to collaborate on various projects together. Slack is highly customizable and allows you to create different work channels at the same time for different facets of the marketing team and for different projects. The app enables you to pool all marketing communications into one workspace, making it easier to track conversations, assignments, and other project-related communications. It’s also compatible with video and audio calls.  

2. Skype 

Working on a marketing team requires a high level of communication; even more so when you have an online marketing job. Skype takes face to face discussion — a key part of being a marketer — to the next level. This video conferencing app allows you to video call anyone from anywhere in the world at the click of a button. The app also has a messenger feature that allows you to share and receive video, document, and audio files. The newly released Skype Business is even better for remote marketers, allowing you to record meetings, share screens, and annotate PowerPoint presentations. 

3. Zoom 

Zoom is yet another exceptional video conferencing tool for remote marketers. This cloud-based software was tailor-made for fast and easy video communication, perfectly suitable for remote marketing analyst jobs. It offers a wide range of video conferencing services including conference rooms and webinars. Zoom also allows you to record sessions for future reference and is compatible with computers and mobile devices on both android and IOS. It’s a brilliant tool for you to convene and communicate with co-workers from your marketing team. 

4. Google Hangouts 

Hangouts is a communication software developed by Google. This free software is the definition of simplicity and is perfect for less complex remote jobs like virtual marketing assistants or remote social media marketing jobs. Hangouts can easily be accessed through your Gmail or Google account and allow for two or more users to have video conversations simultaneously. Other features of Google Hangouts include a “save chat history” feature which enables you to save any conversations you have and access it through your Google account on any device, as well as a messaging system that enables you to send messages and files during video calls. 

4. Asana 

Asana has all the business-friendly features you would want alongside an easy to use business-oriented interface allowing you to assign tasks, give deadlines, communicate easily, and even draw up content management sheets. It’s highly useful for remote content marketing jobs which may not require face to face communication often as Asana doesn’t have a video call feature. However, it’s messaging system is simple and the interface makes work easy to navigate and understand. One of Asana’s best features is the “my task” view, which gives every team member a clear view of who is assigned to what and the exact requirements and deadline for ongoing projects.

Best Task and Time Management Tools for Remote Marketers 

Time management is everything for remote workers. Whether you are working remote marketing jobs part time or full time, chances are you’ll need to be meticulous in how you manage your time in order to get work done efficiently. With the advent of the internet and technology, there are various time management tools remote workers can use to run a successful career. 

Here are five of the very best on the market:

1. Google Calendar 

As with most Google software, Google calendar is all about simplicity and effectiveness. Google calendar is the best way to organize time and let others know your schedule. So, if you are engaged in virtual marketing jobs, Google calendar helps your coworkers know what you are up to and when you are busy. Not only is Google calendar totally free, but it also comes with a lot of interesting add-ons and features that help you maximize and make the best use of your work time. 

2. Clockify 

Clockify is another 100% free time tracking solution for remote marketers. This full-featured software was designed for both personal use and collaboration. Clockify is compatible with windows, Android, and IOS and it has excellent functionality, allowing for an unlimited number of users, an unlimited number of projects, and much more. Some other features include a stopwatch, the manual mode, a feature to view your work history and the ability to mark time as billable. Perfect for freelance remote marketing jobs when your employer needs to send payment invoices every now and then. 

3. Hubstaff

Hubstaff’s time tracking software allows you and everyone on your team to track hours spent on projects and assignments. It is perhaps the most popular time tracking software on the market and is as good as it gets when it comes to task management and time tracking tools. Outside of time tracking, Hubstaff has a lot of interesting features; It’s a web-based tool that allows you to store files, assign and receive tasks, track time and screen activity, as well as many other unique features designed to aid remote workers and optimize their time. 

4. Toggl

Toggl is yet another excellent time tracking tool that helps optimize the work of social media marketing remote jobs and gives you an idea of just how much your time is worth. Toggle is extremely easy to use with a very simple interface, allowing you to easily track your working hours and all your activities. This software has a lot of brilliant features, such as the ‘report’ feature which shows a detailed breakdown of the time you spent while the software was racking your working time. You can request your report at any time and the app will display what the client you worked for, what project it was, hours spent, what website you visited, and many more in a clean and detailed graph. 

5. Time Doctor 

Time doctor is the perfect time management app as it helps remote marketing jobs part time or full time to keep track of working hours daily. With Time Doctor, you monitor and see the exact amount of time you spent on any given project, talking to clients, time spent on individual websites, and even time used during work breaks. One of this tool’s biggest advantages is you can sync it with other popular remote worker tools like Asana and Trello, giving you the ultimate time and task management system.

Remote Marketer’s Preferred Payment Methods 

Remote workers, like all other virtual staff, have a unique way of collecting their payment package. While cash and check are two of the most common forms of payment for mainstream staff, remote marketing jobs salary is mostly paid via alternative methods. So how do remote marketers like to be paid?

1.  PayPal

PayPal is the most common form of online payment for remote workers, and quite frankly the best when you factor in the speed of payment and safety. With Paypal, an employee or client can transfer funds to you through a safe web space with just a few clicks using your PayPal mail, directly into your PayPal account. You can now withdraw funds into your personal bank account or pay bills and make payments through PayPal. 

2. Payoneer

Payoneer is the next best thing when it comes to receive remote marketing jobs salary or make online payments and is the most popular substitute for PayPal. Payoneer provides fast and secure online money exchange services, ensuring all transactions between you and your clients are safe and hassle-free. Making an account on this service is extremely easy and you can start receiving funds with zero deposit at a very low cost. 

3. Skrill

Skrill takes third place and is currently pushing both PayPal and Payoneer in terms of customer ratings and market popularity. A big advantage Skrill has over its rivals is the number of countries where their services are available which is a lot more than both PayPal and Payoneer. When it comes to online marketing jobs, that’s a big plus. They are also more lenient with regulations but charge more in transaction fees than the other two. 

4. Bank Transfer

If the above options aren’t viable, then a wired bank transfer might be your last safe form of payment. While it’s not as popular as the other options, bank transfers are also a simple and effective way of receiving payment. They are particularly handy when receiving large amounts of money that PayPal or Skrill might have trouble processing or if you want to bypass the excess transaction fees they charge.

Pros and Cons of Being a Remote Marketer 

Like all fully remote marketing jobs, there are upsides and downsides to being a remote marketer. If you’re intent on applying for a remote marketing job, here’s what to expect in terms of advantages and disadvantages:


1. Work at your own speed

Unlike regular office marketers, remote jobs do not require your presence at an office. One of the best parts of being a remote worker is the freedom and flexibility it offers you allowing you to work from anywhere and at any time you wish, granted your work is delivered on time. The luxury of planning your own work schedule creates the right environment to make you more productive. 

2. Costs and time effective 

Remote jobs in marketing enable working from a remote location, which is highly cost and time effective. Telecommuting to and from work is often a strenuous daily activity for traditional office workers and it’s a problem you wouldn’t have to deal with as a remote worker. Being a marketer especially, your time is valuable and eliminating the commuting time, as well as the time you spend on office errands could make you much more productive. It also saves you quite a lot of money. 

3. Flexible pay 

With office jobs, you will likely have a fixed salary with performance-based raises. However, marketing remote jobs enable you to expand your financial landscape exponentially. You can set your own rates with no one to tell you how much you are worth. Income is also unlimited, you can work with as many clients and on as many projects as you like and if you are hardworking enough, your hard work will likely reflect in your income opposed to office jobs where you will likely have a set salary regardless of how you work.

These are the best things that come with these types of work from home marketing jobs.


1. Less accountability

One major thing about being a marketer is that your job is never in isolation. Every project you work on will be a collaboration with multiple people and even other departments and this can prove to be troublesome when remote marketing is involved. At the office, work progress can easily be monitored by managers and supervisors to ensure everyone is up to speed, however, with remote marketing jobs, it’s much more difficult to keep track and more effort needs to go into ensuring a project is completed. One slacker could put an entire marketing campaign at risk.

2. Security issues

There can be a lot of security complications involved in remote work for both individuals and the business itself. Sensitive personal information being sent through cyberspace places a high risk on the info for both parties as it becomes susceptible to hackers and other cybersecurity threats. 

3. Competition

As businesses begin to warm up to remote work, the market gets tougher with each passing day. Unlike traditional office jobs, where there is a steady supply of work given to you by your employers, remote jobs, especially in marketing, will constantly have the need to compete for new clients and work and landing clients can often be tasking given how competitive the market is. Luckily, the remote work market is broad and there are lots of marketing jobs you can expertise in to increase your value and chances of getting a job.

Things to Know About Being A Remote Marketer 

I’m sure this guide has been pretty helpful so far. However, there are still a few details about being a remote marketer you might find helpful:

What should I consider when looking for full time or part time remote marketing jobs?

Are you thinking about becoming a remote marketer but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re not alone. Finding the perfect remote marketing job can be a difficult task, so here are a few things you should consider while job hunting. 

Before delving deep into the world of remote marketing, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Does being a remote marketer fit in with my daily life? What expertise do I have or what field am I willing to learn? Am I going to be working remote marketing jobs entry level or am I already an expert in my field? Part-time or full-time? Here’s some advice on taking the first steps of your career: 

  • Once you’ve decided that remote work is for you, the first step is choosing what field(s) you wish to work in. If you have no prior experience in remote work or marketing in general, take training courses to gain some form of expertise in that field and know what it takes to be a remote worker in that field. All remote jobs you work on must come from a place of know-how.
  • The next step for candidates to start their remote marketing careers is to begin with the job-hunting process. You will want to do research on any company you wish to send your application, do they require any special skills, education or certificates? What do you need to do or know to get a job in a certain marketing position? Once you’ve figured out the requirements, take the necessary steps to ensure your CV and job application are worthy of hire. 
  • At this stage, you are all but ready to begin your life as a remote marketer. How do you further boost your chances of making it? Remote digital marketing jobs can be hard to come by due to the competitive nature of the market. If you are a newbie to the marketing scene, the only way you can convince a company to take a chance on you over an expert is by being flexible with your pricing. Lowering your pricing starting out might be your best chance of getting clients early on. 
  • Your first job is important, ease yourself into being a remote worker especially if you are new to marketing or still gaining experience. Your new remote digital marketing job should fit in perfectly with your personal time and other daily activities, taking on too much too soon could prove problematic. 
  • Now you are a full-blown remote worker and the only way is up. After you’ve got significant knowledge and experience in your field, get some extra courses, learn new skills, and branch out into other marketing departments. Attend networking events to grow your contact base, start a blog or website, and once you’re convinced that your worth is well known on the market, begin adjusting your pricing to reflect your abilities and expertise.

Do remote marketing jobs in the USA require you to pay taxes?

Remote workers are fully in charge of their taxes in the US. The state considers you self-employed and tax payoffs are fully your responsibility. Remote workers will generally pay their taxes to the state where their work is being performed (the physical presence rule for taxpayers). For example, a remote worker in Washington working for a company in Arizona will pay his taxes to the state of Washington while the company will pay its own taxes to Arizona. 

Do remote marketers sign contracts?

Digital marketing remote jobs are just like office jobs. That said, remote marketers often sign law-binding contracts with clients and employees. The reason is to confirm both parties understood clearly the terms and conditions of your working relationship, protecting both you and your client from future complications. A typical remote worker’s contract will include a job description, time frame, payment terms, as well as, other working conditions.

Top 10 Training Courses For Remote Workers 

If a remote marketing internship is not an option, training courses are a wonderful way to advance your knowledge and build your CV and credentials as a remote worker. Whether you already have a bachelor’s degree in school or you have never studied marketing in your life, training courses can still be extremely helpful. There are a lot of excellent options for remote workers so let’s dive into the créme de la créme of training courses. 

1. Udemy

Udemy has over 65,000 different training courses to offer for remote online marketing jobs training. However, their digital marketing course is one of their best and most acclaimed. Their paid course teaches you how to grow your marketing career from scratch, learning useful marketing skills like email marketing, social media marketing, sales, affiliate marketing, and much more. The course runs for just over 20 hours in total with a certificate of completion at the end that gives you an easy ticket to remote digital marketing manager jobs

2. Hubspot Academy 

Hubspot Academy is one of the first names you will come across when researching online marketing courses. They have courses in email marketing, performance marketing, sales, and much more. They offer free courses in a variety of languages and offer courses and training programs for both individuals and startup businesses. Hubspot Academy’s certificate is also highly valuable and adding it to your CV is sure to boost your chances. 

3. World Mentoring Academy (Principles of Marketing) 

WMA has a brilliant MOOC program sponsored by California State University. This program is free and self-paced, covering courses like market analysis, email marketing, international marketing, and business to customer marketing. It’s an excellent program and their courses can be beneficial especially to students. 

4. Simplilearn (Digital Marketing Specialist Program)

Simplilearn’s digital marketing specialist program is another top class training program for remote marketers, and remote marketing jobs in general. This program aims to turn students and newbies into industry-ready specialists. It’s a paid program but it’s totally worth the fee and you will receive a Master’s certificate from Simplilearn stating that you have acquired the skill set of a Digital Marketing Specialist once your training is over, giving your chances of landing top projects in the market a major boost. 

5. FutureLearn (Digital Marketing for Success) 

FutureLearn’s “Digital Marketing for Success” is a quick way to learn the ropes of remote marketing to be able to apply for digital marketing jobs remote positions. It’s a perfect program if you are looking to gain knowledge on the basics of marketing in no time at all. Sponsored by RMIT University, the program lasts just 4 weeks and takes you through everything digital and business marketing with a paid certificate at the end of the program. 

6. Coursera (Leadership Through Marketing) 

Leadership Through Marketing is one of Coursera’s best marketing courses. This free program takes you through marketing management, strategic marketing, brand marketing, and marketing product marketing, preparing you for remote marketing director jobs. The entire course is 100% online and about 10 hours in total although the curse allows you to work at your own pace. 

7. American Marketing Association (Integrated Marketing Communications) 

Integrated marketing communications is all about how a marketing team conveys its message to its customers and it’s something every marketer should have a basic knowledge of at least. AMA’s program gives you an in-depth dive into marketing communications as you learn all about IMC and how to develop your very own IMC plan. This course is especially helpful if you are looking to apply for remote marketing communications jobs. The course is paid for and is also useful for marketing leaders and managers involved in integrated marketing communications planning and execution.  

8. Coursera (Introduction to Marketing) 

Another one of Coursera’s top-notch training courses, Introduction to Marketing takes you through all the basics of being a successful marketer with a focus on core topics in customer loyalty like branding and customer-centricity, as well as other marketing strategies. The course is highly informative and is sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania and stats show as much as 11% of people who take this course get a promotion or pay rise, with about 33% starting new remote marketing careers

9. Market Motive (Masters in Digital Marketing) 

“Masters in Digital Marketing” is a lengthy program, taking you through various marketing courses aimed at making you an expert on remote marketing by the time you are done. This paid program takes you through everything from the fundamentals of marketing to advanced marketing analytics, partner marketing, and much more. The program has over 250 hours of e-learning content with a Master’s certificate available at the end. This type of acknowledgement can only boost your chances of getting employed in any of the available remote marketing coordinator jobs.

10. Coursera (Marketing Management I & II)

Both run by Coursera and sponsored by Illinois University, Marketing Management 1 takes you through the basics of digital marketing, market analytics, marketing management, and a few other courses. Marketing Management II delves deeper into these and expands your knowledge on the courses in MM I. While it’s advisable to register for both courses, you can choose one based on your knowledge of marketing; an experienced marketer might not find value in MM I. Both courses offer a paid certificate upon conclusion.


1. How can I find remote marketing jobs? 

Finding your first few gigs as a remote marketer can be tasking, however, if you’ve closely followed this guide so far, it should be somewhat easier. Here are ways to get new jobs: 

  • Enquire from your network of friends for job openings
  • Build your CV and qualifications, then apply to a marketing company 
  • List yourself on a freelancing website 
  • Take remote marketing courses, most help their graduates find jobs upon completion of their program 
  • Create a website and social media channels to advertise your services online

2. What are the best remote jobs?

Finding the “best” remote job is entirely subjective since people have different inclinations, aptitudes, and employment preferences. However, for someone who’s new to marketing, being a virtual marketing assistant or an email marketer might be a great way to start. This way, you can build up your reputation, CV, and portfolio until you’re ready for the more lucrative marketing management jobs. You can even land a job as a market research analyst. They help analyze the effectiveness of a marketing campaign to help their clients decrease costs and increase sales. 

3. How much do remote jobs pay?

Like traditional jobs, salaries for remote jobs vary with someone’s experience and skills. That being said, software developers and customer success engineers are among the highest-earning remote workers in 2019 with an average pay of over $100,000 a year. Marketing managers are also among the top earners with an average yearly salary of $63,250. However, if you’re someone who is considering working remotely, you should also keep in mind that working remotely allows you to save money on transportation, food, and parking, among other things. 

4. What skills do I need to work remotely?

Although certain roles and employers will probably look for specific skills and backgrounds, there are general skills and requirements that every remote worker must have. Since your manager and coworkers may not always be readily available to cater to your questions, especially if you work on a flexible schedule, remote workers must be independent and resourceful. Additionally, you need to be motivated, have strong communication skills, since most communication is done through emails and chats, and be proficient in various digital tools. These are the essential skills that candidates need to possess to apply for available remote marketing jobs successfully.