Have you ever been asked to "tell me about yourself" in a job interview? If so, you know that it can be a difficult and quite uncomfortable question to answer. It's one of those questions that can put you on the spot, and it’s natural not to know what to say. But as with any other question, it’s worth thinking about this one in advance.

In this blog post, we’ll provide tips on how to answer “tell me about yourself” questions, as well as some examples of how to portray yourself in the best possible light during the interview process. Read on for helpful advice on how to ace your next interview and get the dream job you’ve always wanted!

Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question?

One of the most common questions asked in a job interview is "tell me about yourself." While this may seem like a simple question, it can be difficult to answer. However, there are a few key reasons why hiring managers ask this question.

The first and most obvious reason is that it helps them get a better sense of who you are as a person. By hearing about your background and experiences, they can get a better sense of your personality and how you would fit into the role.

Secondly, it allows you to showcase your communication skills. To answer this question effectively, a job candidate needs to be able to articulate their thoughts clearly and concisely. This is an important skill for many roles, and the hiring manager will want to see whether or not you have it.

Finally, this question gives a job candidate an opportunity to make a good first impression. With this question, you have a chance to set the tone for the rest of the interview and show that you are confident and prepared. So, next time you're asked this question, use it as an opportunity to shine.

How To Introduce Yourself in an Interview: Tips For Job Seekers

Many people find the question "Tell me about yourself" difficult to answer. After all, there's a lot to say, and it's hard to know where to start. However, some simple tips can help you craft a strong answer to this common question.

Keep it Brief

One of the most important things to remember when answering this question is to keep your response brief. The interviewer doesn't want to hear your entire life story or too many personal details; they just want a snapshot of who you are. So, take a deep breath and give them a concise answer that hits the key points.

Focus on Your Strengths

What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Highlighting your strengths will help you stand out from the competition. Remember, the interviewer wants to know why you're the best person for that particular job, so don't be shy about showcasing your skills, abilities, and passions!

Stay Enthusiastic

When answering this question, it's important to sound enthusiastic. This will show the interviewer that you're excited about the opportunity and that you would be an excellent fit for the role. Knowing how to answer the most common interview questions is essential for any job seeker, but it's about more than just what you're saying. Be sure to smile and make eye contact; this will help create a rapport with the interviewer and make them want to learn more about you. 

Avoid Repeating Information

The interviewer already has your CV, so there's no need to repeat what's already on it. Instead, use this opportunity to share additional information that you haven’t already presented. For example, you could share a brief overview of your hobbies and passions, or maybe mention something about your values and why they might be important to your work.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your answer to "tell me about yourself" is both informative and engaging. It's your chance to make a great first impression, so make the most of it!

Tell Me About Yourself Example Answers

Many people find the "tell me about yourself" prompt to be one of the most difficult questions to answer during an interview. After all, how can you sum up your entire life in a few short minutes? With a bit of planning, though, you can give a great answer that will impress your interviewer and set you apart from the other candidates. 

Below are a few examples of how to answer “tell me about yourself.”

  • "Well, I'm originally from Texas, but I've been living in New York for the past 10 years. I started my career as a journalist, but I quickly realized that I was more interested in the business side of things. So, I went back to school and got my MBA. For the past few years, I’ve been working remotely as a consultant for startups. I love working remotely because it gives me the flexibility to travel and work as well as spend time with my family. 
  • "I've always been interested in fashion and design, so after college, I decided to move to New York and pursue a career in that industry. I started out working as a personal shopper, but I eventually transitioned into fashion PR. I've been working in PR for the past five years, and I absolutely love it. It's always changing, and there's never a dull moment."
  • "I grew up in a small town in Maine, and after high school, I went to college for graphic design. Once I graduated, I moved out to California with some friends from school. I didn't have any solid plans, but I knew I wanted to work in advertising or branding. Eventually, I found an entry-level job at an ad agency, and I've been there ever since. It's been a great experience - I've gotten to work on some really big campaigns." 

These "tell me about yourself" sample answers show that you don't need to give a long-winded speech to impress your interviewer. Just focus on sharing relevant information about yourself and be sure to sound enthusiastic and excited about the opportunity. 

Also, you could end your introduction by asking the interviewer about the company culture or the role itself. This will show that you're interested in learning more and give you an opportunity to steer the conversation in a direction that's favorable to you. 

How To Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” Question: Things You Shouldn't Say

As important as it is to know what to say when an interviewer asks you to talk about yourself, it’s also crucial to know what not to say. Here are a few cliches you should avoid, not necessarily because they reflect badly on you, but because it’s not the right moment:

  • "I just love working with people/kids/animals etc."

This may be true, but it doesn't really tell the employer anything about you or your qualifications.

  • "I'm a fast learner/I work well under pressure/I'm a people person."

These are all qualities that are assumed of anyone who is applying for a job. Instead of repeating these clichéd phrases, try to give specific examples that illustrate these qualities.

  • "I've always wanted to work in this field/for this company."

While it's great to be passionate about your work, this phrase comes across as insincere and can make you sound naive. So, if you’re asked the "tell me about yourself" interview question, try to avoid using this phrase.

  • "My greatest strength is _____, but I also have experience with _____."

When listing your strengths, avoid sounding like you're bragging. A more humble approach would be to focus on one strength and then mention how it has helped you in your previous roles. For example: "My greatest strength is my ability to stay calm under pressure. I've found that this helps me to think clearly in challenging situations."

  • "I don't really have any weaknesses, but if I had to choose one, it would be _____"

We all have weaknesses, so there's no need to try and pretend otherwise. Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to job interviews. Instead of making up a weakness, focus on describing how you're working on improving that particular area. For example: "I used to find it difficult to delegate tasks, but I've been working on that, and I've gotten better at handing over responsibility when necessary."

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to answer "tell me about yourself" in a job interview, it's time to start practicing your response. The more you practice, the more confident you'll feel on the day of your interview. 

Think about what the interviewer is likely trying to learn from your answer; after all, they want to get a sense of who you are as a person and whether you would be an asset to their team. And most importantly, be confident in your response. This is your chance to sell yourself, so take advantage of it!